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Radiographic Assessment, Chiropractic X-Rays

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Use the Document Plus Radiographic Form to thoroughly document your Chiropractic X-Ray findings



For Medicare, if X-Rays are taken, it is REQUIRED that you have a WRITTEN report in the chiropractic record.


An X-ray interpretation should be able to be “carved out” of the E/M documentation and support the service as a stand-alone report.


Form Highlights:

  • Use whether X-Rays are taken IN or OUTSIDE of your office

  • Include X-Ray images in your narrative reports

  • CBP Lines of Mensuration

  • Plenty of space designed specifically for customization and additional notes

Article Billing for Review of X-Rays Chiropractic
Article Coding for Performance of an X-Ray service chiropractic
For questions about the use or features of this form, please contact our training department at 800-642-0600.
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