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Interface Partners


An interface is the "communication" with a Third Party software application (such as the ones listed below) which allows the transfer of Patients, Doctors, and Insurance companies information into Document Plus with the click of a button.  


When a daily visit form is scanned, Document Plus (optionally) will export the CPT codes for services performed on that day (back to the Third Party software application) *.

How does it work?
  • Patient, Insurance, and Attorney information is transferred automatically from the Third Party software and is subsequently imported into the Document Plus program


  • When a daily visit form is scanned into Document Plus, the CPT codes that are marked for that day’s visit are sent to the Third Party software program*.  


  • The charges for those services will then post automatically for the appropriate patient in the Third Party software program. 



When you utilize Document Plus with an interface partner you will be eliminating TWO time-consuming documentation and billing steps. This will save data entry time, reduce errors, and increase efficiency for each and every patient that comes into your office.


It simply makes the whole process Quick, Easy, and Accurate… every time.

*Not all interface partners have this feature.

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