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Documentation benefits

How the DocPlus Solution can make you great.


Enhances claim turnaround-time and improves cash flow by providing complete and effective patient documentation and correspondence for Medicare, insurance, and attorneys.


Effective communication between providers will stimulate new patient referrals.

Effective Time Management

Reduces consultation time and improves quality-of-care by providing an easy-to-use diagnostic tool as well as standardizing comprehensive records, documentation, and correspondence from the patient’s initial visit through their on-going treatments.

New scientific solutions simplify complex data entry

Using Adaptive Turnaround Technology provides a system that improves turnaround time, speeds up processing of insurance claims, and communications.

Eliminates Routine Data Entry

Using Adaptive Turnaround Technology eliminates most of the requirements for routine manual data entry. This allows for an increased patient load and redirection of the clinician’s time toward developing their practice.

Patient Education

Helps to increase a patient’s confidence in their clinician by providing written “layman’s” report regarding their own health and treatment status.

Improves Communication Between Clinicians

Develops a mutually beneficial relationship between referring and consulting clinicians.

This is accomplished through detailed correspondence relating to the treatment and

needs of the patient.

Reduces Malpractice Exposure

Provides the added protection against possible litigation with comprehensive documentation supporting the diagnosis, treatment, and informed consent of the patient.

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The DocPlus Solution

The DocPlus Solution is designed to capture all of the necessary patient intake information and doctor’s notes. The data is then archived to produce quality correspondence communicating the patient encounter - all with the click of a mouse. 

The increasing demand for documentation by Medicare, attorneys, and 3rd party payers have created a paperwork nightmare for practitioners. Treating the patient is, and should be, priority number one. The DocPlus solution was designed to streamline the creation of all records and narrative reports.  

The # 1 solution to expanding your practice is built into the DocPlus system.


Document Plus uses the best scientifically proven clinical tools for the job, make it quick, easy, and accurate... every time.

We use Checklist systems!

According to World Health Organization (WHO), over the last 30 years, checklists have proven to be the most important Clinical tool for healthcare providers.  The CheckList systems developed by DocPlus are highly accurate record collection tools for providers. Designed to better serve patients while meeting the needs of 3rd party payers, Medicare, Attorneys and Patients.

We use Adaptive Turnaround Documents (ATD)

to improve accuracy and speed of data entry of medical records.  Using adaptive turnaround documents (ATD) has been scientifically proven to be a more accurate and faster method of data entry. This means less documentation errors and quicker turnaround time.

  • Sophisticated error checking assists the provider as data is processed.
  • High level documentation supports ICD-10 diagnosis and treatment at higher levels required for ICD-10 coding.
How does the DocPlus solution do all that?
  • Only the best tools make documentation entry Quick, Easy, and Accurate in the records.


  • Patients and Providers complete ATD forms either on paper or the computer.


  • Upon completion of the paper forms, they can be processed using your PC and the DocPlus scanner in seconds.


  • If you choose to manually enter data using our electronic forms, they can be processed to the patient records with the click of a mouse.


  • You can use both systems together adapting the best parts of each system for maximum benefit.

I already have an EHR, high level ICD-10 diagnosis, or billing program. Why would I need the DocPlus solution?

EHR's were created to share statistics with the government. They were never created with the intention of providing adequate documentation for provider billing codes.  If you had an audit recently and your EHR let you down its time to incorporate the DocPlus solution.


Over 40 Practice Management / EHR companies have integrated their software with the DocPlus solution. To fully understand how the DocPlus solution will positively affect your practice in ease and income you can 

request a demo.

Don't have an existing Practice Management / EHR?

The DocPlus solution works great as a stand alone solution.

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