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What's new with the DocumentPlus Software? 

Our "eForms" platform!! 

We are beyond excited to present the latest evolution of the time-tested, quality record-keeping system DocPlus is known for....NOW with the NEW "eForms" platform. 

The "eForms" platform offers several self-guided, intuitive data-entry processes that save time and eliminate validation errors!

eForms - entire DN5.png



With eForms, you will have the ability to create a new electronic form with the click of a button.  You will get the same forms as Document Plus has always offered but on a computer screen. 


You will have the flexibility to use a regular computer monitor and select the bubbles using your mouse.  If you have a touch screen monitor or tablet, you can simply touch the bubbles with your finger or stylus to mark them. The patient will be able to sign electronically as well.  


​With eForms, you can view previously saved forms and their markings directly on your computer screen!

​You can also view what was marked on a previously scanned form WITHOUT having to actually dig up any physical forms.  This saves you time and reduces validation issues.


​Once you have created and saved an electronic form, you will be able to generate a report using the exact same time-tested document generation technology as Document Plus has always used.

​With eForms, your "paperless office" may just be a closer reality than you think!

New Features

  • Initial Visit - Import of Symptoms from Health Questionnaire (HQ3) to the first Daily Note(DN5), this way you don't have to get the patient to fill out the same information on both forms.  Which saves time and eliminates validation issues.

  • Daily Note Symptoms line up with Health Questionnaire Symptoms

  • DN5 - This version of the Daily Note is exclusively available in the eForms platform 

  • DN5 & HQ3 - Easy to navigate - Body Visual Symptoms Selection

  • Easy to follow patient guided screens eliminate errors and cuts down on validation time.

BLDE Checkboxes.png
  • On-screen Signature for Daily Notes using a touchscreen.

  • On-screen Body Diagrams Pain Scale selection for on Daily Notes

eSignature below PD.png
  • Easily See Daily Note findings from the previous visit, so that you can add or update the current visit with changes.  This also saves you time and reduces validation issues.

copy visit.png

New Patient Kiosk

  • Intuitive Step-by-Step process for Patients to complete the Initial Health Questionnaire.

  • HIPAA compliant patient login

kiosk login.png
  • Step-by-step guided process is used to eliminate validation errors and cut down patient completion time.

kiosk main.png
  • Once the patient completes the HQ form on the Kiosk, simply verify and save what the patient marked, and you are done!

kiosk HQ finalize.png

The DocPlus Solution is designed to capture all of the necessary patient intake information and doctor’s notes. The data is then archived to produce quality correspondence communicating the patient encounter - all with the click of a mouse. Simple to answer, patient and Doctor computer questionnaires produce exceptional med-legal narratives for attorneys.


100% electronic.

No Paper. 

No scanner. 

No overhead. 

Same reports...

powered by Document Plus.

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