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How do you provide EXCELLENT documentation and narratives for your Med-Legal cases without working yourself to death?
What if we told you there is a way you can delegate most of the work and maximize your valuable time for exams and patient care?
What if we could show you, in 3 simple steps, how 98% of data entry and documentation work could be achieved by patients, staff, and a fantastic Med-legal documentation system?
We know that by implementing some simple strategies, a few key components, and having the right tools, you'll find yourself seamlessly navigating the ins and outs of Personal Injury documentation.
Get started with our FREE e-book, "Secrets and Resources of Excellent Personal Injury Documentation"! 


4 Time-Tested Patient Tools and Why They are Absolutely Necessary for Med-Legal Cases.

The importance of "Duties Under Duress" and "Loss of Enjoyment of Life" Assessments in Personal Injury Cases PLUS Three Secrets to Getting them Included in a Patient's Claim.

The 3 Simple Steps to Delegating 98% of Your Data Entry and Documentation Work.

Supplemental Questionnaires to Help Determine Prognoses and Why This is Crucial

Benefits of the DocPlus Med-Legal Documentation System


  • Increasing Claim Value in Auto Cases

  • Determining Values

  • The Top-Five Factors

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