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They told you that you were buying the best stuff, what do you have to worry about?

Losing thousands of dollars every month because your EHR documentation is not up to par! That is what you have to worry about.

Check out what they did NOT tell you!

Answer these questions and find out how much income you are LOSING because of an inadequate EHR.

  • Do you get paid for an exam and an adjustment on the same visit? Yes/No

  • Do you get paid for a report of finding? Yes/No

  • Do you get paid for reinterpretations of x-rays?  Yes/ No                  


  • Do you get paid for attorney reports?   Yes/ No


  • Do you get paid for consultation reports?  Yes/ No

  • Potential Income gain per month ______________________

  • Do patients get the visits and care they need to get functionally better, or are the prematurely denied care by 3rd party payers?

  • Does your documentation system become the #1 generator of new patients for your practice, to the point you have more patients than you can see?

To understand why your EHR system may be inadequate for your needs today and the future, you have to understand how they designed them to be inadequate from their inception.

EHRs were designed by Uncle Sam under the HI-Tech act in 2012, for the sole purpose of sharing statistics with the federal government, not chiropractic documentation.

 The documentation design of an EHR was never intended to correspond to chiropractic documentation requirements, now or in the future.  A chiropractor who knows the limitations of an EHR will supplement their EHR with a chiropractic documentation system that will allow them to bill and collect for services they provide.

These federal Laws and Rules for chiropractic documentation can be a benefit for doctors and patients. What are the benefits of the Affordable care act Jan 1, 2014, to Chiropractors today?

Chiropractors are equal to medical doctors when treating within the scope of their practice.

They provide other services within their scope of practice with proper documentation.

Patients get care if it is Medically Necessary, and patients can continue care as long as there is therapeutic Improvement.

Chiropractic documentation requirements of an adjustment code of 98940-98942 are as follows:

Must include documentation of the assessment, the adjustment, and the post-assessment

The bundling of codes for exams and adjustments on the same visit is because 3rd party payers can misinterpret the assessment documentation requirements of the exam as part of the documentation requirements of the adjustment.


You must have separate and distinct documentation for the adjustment and the exam.


 The inherent design of most EHR systems prevents this by bundling the documentation together for the patient encounter. This poor design will lead you to not surviving a documentation audit unscathed.

 Your EHR is the problem and not the solution. There is a supplement that can fix this inherent design flaw.


This EHR design flaw exists on audits of other areas also like an x-ray or x-ray report being bundled in with an exam or adjustment because of the way it’s presented to the 3rd party payer.  A Chiropractic Billing code that requires specific documentation does not fit a typical EHR design that encourages  3rd party bundling.

 Therefore using a typical EHR for Chiropractic documentation makes very little sense unless you want to be taken advantage of by 3rd party payers.   

3rd party payers have bundled 98940-98942 with exams, x-rays, report of findings, MD consultations, as a result of poorly designed EHR systems which bundle documentation for exams and adjustments into one document.

 Because chiropractic has specific documentation requirements for adjustment codes, it is essential to have separate documentation for the adjustment and exam. If you do not follow this protocol, 3rd party payers will bundle if documentation is not presented independently for the exam and adjustment.


How to be compensated for an exam and adjustment, on the same day as the adjustment:

If you get audited, or your claims get rejected, you need independent documentation for the exam, separate from your documentation of the 98940-98942 in a format the 3rd party payer will accept.


Here is how Records should look!





Here is an example of the documentation requirements you need to bill your report of findings on the same day you do 98940-98942?

Here is how Records should look!


                                                ROF in lay terms

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