May Forms Spotlight - Outcomes Assessment (OATS)

Updated: May 20

The healthcare and legal systems are moving into an era of assessment and accountability. The emerging tools for measuring the effectiveness of patient treatment procedures are Outcome Assessment forms.

As the trend for evidence-based health care takes hold, Outcome Assessments are becoming increasingly important for Chiropractors.

These assessment tools offer a statement of both subjective and objective data. They will assist you in establishing the validity, responsiveness, and efficacy of treatment!

If you are not already utilizing these fundamental, widely recognized assessment tools there are a growing number of reasons why you should be!

1) Outcomes are a vital tool when you need to;

2) Outcomes are great "objective measures to evaluate treatment effectiveness" (a Medicare requirement)

3) Outcomes are one of the "4 Time-Tested Patient Tools" for Excellent Personal Injury Documentation

4) One of the absolute BEST, and easiest, ways to show an improvement in function is by utilizing outcome assessment questionnaires. Outcome assessment questionnaires are ideal because they address how the patient's condition is affecting the performance of activities of daily living such as sitting, standing, driving, etc. This can be tracked over the course of treatment at each re-examination and will clearly outline the patient’s FUNCTIONAL progress (or lack of).

5) Document Plus makes using Functional Outcomes WAY TOO EASY! (Once scanned into Document Plus, the Outcome Assessment Questionnaires are automatically SCORED and become part of your patient records and reports.)


Health Status Questionnaire - This questionnaire, established by the Health

Outcomes Institute, is a measure of overall functional status, well-being, and

risk of depression for adults. The form measures eight specific health

attributes grouped under three major health dimensions (Functional Status,

Well-being, and Overall Evaluation of Health). The Health Status