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NEW in 2019! - eForms - EDIT MODE

eForms - EDIT MODE is a new bonus feature in the Document Plus program. The feature is currently being offered exclusively to all users with active annual support.

If support is active for your office, you can expect this feature to be available for use in your software in the early part of January.

Take a closer look;


Have you ever wanted to see what was marked on a previously scanned form WITHOUT having to actually dig up the physical form?

With EDIT MODE you can VIEW previously scanned forms and their markings directly on your computer screen!


Wouldn't it be nice if you could EASILY make a tiny change or two without having to erase, remark, and re-scan a paper form?

With EDIT MODE you are able make changes directly in the software!


No more saving boxes and boxes of used forms.

Since you will be able to VIEW and EDIT previously scanned forms directly in your software, there will be no need to save all the paper forms...unless of course, you just want to.

With EDIT MODE, your "paperless office" may just be a closer reality than you think!


Be sure your office is eligible to take advantage of this exclusive bonus feature.

If you DO NOT currently have active support, call 800-642-0600 to renew and take advantage of this new feature!

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