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Document Plus Announces New Interface Partner

This year we are excited to announce our latest partnership with Easy-Billing Inc!

Take a look below to see how it works!

Document Plus - A full EMR note system designed for Chiropractors. Document Plus Technologies, Inc. was established in 1989 and has a time tested, forward thinking documentation solution for your Chiropractic practice.

Easy Medical Billing Professional has been established since 1994 as a leading-edge medical billing software program and includes features specific to meeting the needs of Chiropractors.

Document Plus is now integrated with Easy Billing Inc. and the two programs are available as an interfaced bundled package with DocPlus in a monthly subscription. Patients are exported from Easy Billing with the click of a button and billing codes are returned to Easy Billing Professional for easy posting and claims generation.

Enhances claim turnaround-time and improves cash flow by providing complete and effective patient documentation and correspondence for Medicare, insurance, and attorneys.

Effective communication between providers will stimulate new patient referrals.

Reduces consultation time and improves quality-of-care by providing an easy-to-use

diagnostic tool as well as standardizing comprehensive records, documentation, and correspondence from the patient's initial visit through their on-going treatments.

The DocPlus Solution uses checklist systems, adaptive turnaround documents, and real-time error checking software to make sure your clinical documentation is Quick, Easy, and Accurate...every time.

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