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ICD-10 Implementation and your Document Plus System

At Document Plus we have been working diligently to ensure that your transition to ICD-10 is simple and seamless.

To accomplish this initially, you will continue to complete your forms the way you always have. ICD-10 functionality has been built into your Document Plus software! Many were concerned about needing to enter codes to "build" your ICD-10 database. We have already done this for you.

Once your Document Plus software is updated you need only follow the steps below;

-Mark the appropriate ICD-9 code.

-Scan the form.

-If the EXAM DATE on the form is BEFORE 10-1-2015, ICD-9 codes will appear in the report.

-If the EXAM DATE on the form is AFTER 10-1-2015 and that ICD-9 code has multiple ICD- 10 selections, a drop down menu will appear to allow you to select the most appropriate ICD-10 equivalent to appear in your reports.

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