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Properly Billing for Outcome Assessments

Outcome Assessments are becoming increasingly important for Chiropractors as the trend for evidence-based health care takes hold. If you are not already utilizing these fundamental, widely recognized assessment tools there are a growing number of reasons why you should be!

1) Outcomes are a vital tool when you need to;

  • QUANTIFY Patient Disability


  • Measure and Document FUNCTIONAL IMPROVEMENT

  • Develop patient SPECIFIC Treatment Goals

2) Functional Outcome Assessments are one of the three reporting measures for

Medicare's PQRS (mandatory in 2015)

3) Outcomes are great "objective measures to evaluate treatment effectiveness" (a Medicare requirement)

4) Document Plus makes using Functional Outcomes WAY TOO EASY! (Once scanned into Document Plus, the Outcome Assessment Questionnaires are automatically SCORED and become part of your patient records and reports.)

5) With some carriers, you can actually GET PAID for proper utilization of Outcome Assessments! (see "Properly Billing for Outcomes Assessment" below)


Properly Billing for Outcomes Assessment

Simply having the patient complete outcome assessment questionnaires does NOT justify billing for them. Follow our three-step process to make sure it's done properly.

For questions or further information please call Document Plus at 800-642-0600

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