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Chiropractic Records are Undergoing Audit by OIG. Should you receive an OIG records request, here ar

Currently a nationwide review of chiropractic is underway and being conducted by the Office of

Inspector General (OIG). Chiropractors are receiving records request for services provided throughout 2013. As a reminder, the responsibility of the OIG is to protect the integrity of the Health & Human Services (HHS) programs and it's beneficiaries by detecting and preventing fraud, waste and abuse by those who may be in violation of Federal law or are not compliant with specific program requirements. Chiropractic was named a priority on the OIG 2014 Work Plan and was intended to be evaluated at a greater level through 2014.

Review Section F of your 2014 ChiroCode DeskBook for tips and links on compliance issues. The 2015 DeskBook, available in January, has been extensively updated with even more resources on compliance issues.

Should you receive an OIG records request, here are steps for you to take:

1. Be compliant. Submit requested documentation and do so by the deadline specified on the request.

2. Clearly log the date that the request was fulfilled. Retain tracking information so if necessary, you are able to verify the received date.

3. Consider consulting with your personal attorney for any legal guidance that may be necessary.

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