3 BIG Reasons MDs Don't Refer to Chiropractors and How to Overcome Them

Updated: May 31

Why are M.D.s Still Hesitant to Refer to Chiropractors?

The looming implications of a nation in the throes of an addiction epidemic along with the overwhelming amount of evidence emerging in support of chiropractic care make it undeniably imperative that Medical Doctors and Chiropractors set aside their historical differences and work together for the greater good of the patient.

However, even as a growing number of medical doctors ARE getting over some of their major hang-ups around referring to chiropractors, there seem to be three big hurdles standing in the way of what could be a flourishing cooperative healthcare partnership.

Three BIG Reasons

1) They don’t trust you.

You’ll steal their patients. Whether it’s a fear that you will try to “talk them out of” medical care, convince them to not vaccinate their children, or that you seek to take over as the patient’s PCP (primary care physician), there are many M.D.s that are afraid that once they refer to a chiropractor they will never see that patient again.

2) They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know.

a. They don’t know you want to work with them…or that you’re willing to work WITH them.

b. They don’t know how you operate – M.D.s speculate but aren’t really clear on how you work. How can you help their patients? How do you determine an appropriate care plan? Does chiropractic care require that a patient see you twice a week forever? Indefinitely? How will you know whether or not your care is effective? What if it isn’t? Will you refer the patient back to them?

3) You Stink at Communicating.

According to The Evidence-Based Chiropractor, “Research shows that between M.D.s and D.O.s, case notes are exchanged nearly 90% of the time. When a D.C. gets added to the equation the case notes drop to 60%.”

This coupled with #2 is most likely the double whammy keeping you from getting referrals from medical doctors.

Getting past “the BIG three” to Land More Referrals