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Imagine a system designed to capture all of the necessary patient intake information

and doctors notes that archives the data and produces high-quality typed written reports

to communicate the patient encounter with the click of a button.

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Not with:

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The Document Plus System


The increasing demand for documentation by insurance companies and Managed Care have

created a nightmare for practitioners. Treating the patient is, and should be, the number one

priority. Document Plus was created to streamline the paperwork, enhance practice management

and assist in practice building.

     How does one program do all that? Automated forms and a scanner enable the collection of

comprehensive information that works with our system to produce the highest quality reports.

Our forms facilitate complete documentation and correspondence by using automated doctor’s

questionnaires, clinical forms, a personal computer, software and scanner.


Document Plus completes all record keeping effortlessly and instantaneously.




The process begins with the patient completing a Health Questionnaire form. Various other new patient

intake forms, such as Automobile Accident Questionnaires, Accident /Injury Questionnaires, or any one

of a series of Outcome Measure forms are additionally completed as needed. The forms, when read by

an optical scanner, will combine together to generate clinically precise medical records available to the

attending healthcare provider prior to seeing the patient.

     The healthcare provider and/or their staff will then complete a Clinical Evaluation exam form and

Radiographic form, or Clinical Re-Evaluation form depending upon the patient’s phase of treatment.

Also, Daily Note forms are completed on a visit-by-visit basis for daily record-keeping. Within seconds,

the completed forms can be scanned into the DocumentPlus system. Just as quickly, the system integrates,

reviews for input procedures, stores for future use, and exports the information to practice management software.

When needed, the system can generate letters and narratives in layman’s terms for the patient, in legal terms for

attorneys, or in a format to send to referring physicians and insurance companies. The healthcare provider’s valuable

time that was previously spent on doing paperwork is essentially freed-up to deal with what is most important…treating the patient.




Increases Revenues. Enhances claim turnaround-time and improves cash flow by providing complete patient case documentation

and correspondence for the insurance companies and attorneys.


Enhances Marketing. Creates an on-line records and documentation research data base for patient callbacks as new techniques,

procedures and treatment become available for their conditions.


Effective Time Management. Reduces consultation time and improves quality-of-care by providing an easy-to-use diagnostic tool

as well as standardizing comprehensive records, documentation, and correspondence from the patient’s initial visit through

their on-going treatments.


Improves Administration. Provides a system that improves financial planning, processing of insurance claims and communications.


Eliminates Routine Dictation. Eliminates most of the requirements for routine dictation, thus allowing for an increased patient load

and redirection of the clinician’s time toward developing their practice.


Improves Patient Education and Confidence. Helps to increase the patient’s confidence in their clinician by providing written

"layman’s" information to their own state of health and treatment status.


Improves Communication between Clinicians. Develops a mutually beneficial relationship between referring and consulting

clinicians through detailed correspondence relating to the patient’s treatment and needs.


Reduces Malpractice Exposure. Provides the added protection against possible litigation with comprehensive documentation

supporting the diagnosis, treatment and informed consent of the patient.





Above is a diagram that shows the flow of how the forms

are scanned and generated into usable narratives.