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Imagine a system designed to capture all of the necessary patient intake information

and doctors notes that archives the data and produces high-quality typed written reports

to communicate the patient encounter with the click of a button.

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Sound too good to be true?



Not with:

The Document Plus System


The increasing demand for documentation by insurance companies and Managed Care have

created a nightmare for practitioners. Treating the patient is, and should be, the number one

priority. Document Plus was created to streamline the paperwork, enhance practice management

and assist in practice building.

     How does one program do all that? Automated forms and a scanner enable the collection of

comprehensive information that works with our system to produce the highest quality reports.

Our forms facilitate complete documentation and correspondence by using automated doctor’s

questionnaires, clinical forms, a personal computer, software and scanner.


Document Plus completes all record keeping effortlessly and instantaneously.











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Above is a diagram that shows the flow of how the forms

are scanned and generated into usable narratives.



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